Wheel Balancing in Guildford

Wheel balancing will make sure your vehicle’s weight is evenly distributed. Pantech Autos offer a wheel balancing service in Guildford, ensuring the safety of your vehicle and its passengers.

Wheel Balancing in Guildford

Wheel Balancing in Guildford with Pantech Autos

Our expert technicians at Pantech Autos can rebalance your wheels with the help of the highest quality machinery. Imbalanced tyres are easily corrected by attaching small weights to the wheels but the precise work must be carried out by a professional.

To book your wheel balancing with us, please contact our team on 01483 694422. We are here to help, and we look forward to hearing from you.

What is the difference between wheel balancing and wheel alignment?

Wheel balancing and wheel alignment – two services offered by Pantech Autos – are very different despite the similar sounding names. Balancing addresses the distribution of weight around the wheel, while alignment concerns the position of the wheels in regard to the road and each other.

What is wheel balancing?

Wheel balancing involves attaching small weights to a wheel’s rim to distribute the weight of the wheels evenly on each axle. This will allow the wheel to rotate while keeping the full circumference of the tyre in contact with the road. It prevents uneven wearing, thereby ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers.

How do I know if my wheels need balancing?

As a standard rule-of-thumb, you should at the very least have your wheels balanced once every two years. If you drive on particularly rough roads, you should get them done yearly. You should also get your wheels rebalanced if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • A vibration in the steering wheel, floorboard, or seat.
  • You have a flat tyre and need a repair.
  • A weight that used to be on the rim falls off.
  • You notice uneven tyre wear.

Where to find us

We are located at Stag Hill, A3, Guildford Bypass (southbound carriageway), between the Hogs Back A31 junction and the Surrey University/Guildford Cathedral junction.

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and personal service to ensure all those that are under our care feel comfortable approaching us with any questions they may have regarding our services. You are welcome to relax in our waiting area and enjoy a complimentary hot drink.