Tyre Fitting in Guildford

From uneven tracks, stony roads and potholes – your tyres withstand a lot. Over time, your tyres are subject to a great amount of stress and therefore need replacing when they become worn out. If you need a tyre fitting and replacement, Pantech Auto Technicians can help.

It is always best to have your tyres changed by a specialist, as the process involved can be complex and usually involves the use of a special tyre-changing machine. This is fitted with a mounting arm and a bead breaker. The old rubber must be removed manually first, by jacking up the car and deflating the air from the tyre.

Tyre Fitting in Guildford

When should the tyres be changed?

If your tyres wear down to the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimetres (or below), then it is time to get a new tyre. The tread depth is extremely important: the clearer the ribs and grooves on the tyre are, the better grip they will have on the road surface.

Tyre Fitting in Guildford with Pantech Autos

With a huge selection of tyres to fit your car and budget, you can have your tyres replaced without paying over the odds.

All prices quoted will include:

  • The tyre fitting
  • Computerised balancing
  • Disposal of the old tyre

Guildford Tyre Fitting Service

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