Other Services

Our other affordable services

  • Tyres fitting
  • Air conditioning
  • Wheel alignment
  • Wheel balancing
  • Steering alignment
  • Exhaust fitting
  • Brakes

Tyre fitting in Guildford

When your tyres are worn out and need replacing, Pantech Auto Technicians can help. With a huge selection of tyres to fit your car, as well as your budget, you can have your tyres replaced without paying over the odds. All prices quoted include fitting, computerised balancing and disposal of the old tyre.

Brake services in Guildford

If you have concerns about the brakes in your car, it’s vital to get it checked ASAP to prevent any accidents or further issues down the line. We offer a variety of brake services ranging from brake advice to repairs and replacements.

Wheel Alignment in Guildford

Wheels are a vital part of any vehicle and misalignment can be dangerous issue. The causes can vary from road accidents to simple erosion overtime. That is why we offer our support to ensure the risk of an accident is reduced significantly and you can enjoy smoother driving.

With the latest laser equipment, operated by our fully trained staff, we can check anything from your front wheel alignment (tracking) to a full, four-wheel alignment and geometry check.

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