Motorcycle MOT & Servicing in Guildford

At Pantech Auto Technicians in Guildford, we will provide you with a motorcycle MOT at an affordable price. Our MOT test bay was installed in 2012 and operates every half hour from 08.30 – 17.00 every weekday.

We are a registered member of the RMI (Retail Motor Industry Federation) and have a longstanding service in Guildford, Woking and the rest of Surrey – so you can be sure that we offer a wealth of experience with our support and services.


In the UK, an MOT test is a legal requirement for all motorcycles over three years old. It’s designed to ensure that your motorcycle is safe to use and meets the necessary environmental standards.

During an MOT test, we will check various parts of the motorcycle:

  1. Lighting and signalling equipment: checking that all lights and signals are working correctly and are not obscured.
  2. Steering and suspension: examining the motorcycle’s steering and suspension system to make sure that it is in good condition and not excessively worn.
  3. Brakes: checking the brake system, including the brake pads, discs, drums, and hoses, to ensure that they are working properly.
  4. Wheels and tires: checking the condition of the wheels and tires, including their tread depth and overall condition.
  5. Frame and bodywork: inspecting the motorcycle’s frame and bodywork for damage or corrosion.
  6. Exhaust emissions: examining the motorcycle’s exhaust system to ensure that it meets emissions standards.

If the motorcycle passes the MOT test, a certificate will be given and the vehicle can be legally used on the road for another year. If it fails, the rider will need to make the necessary repairs and have the motorcycle retested before it can be used on the road.

Service and Repairs

All motorcycles require careful maintenance over time. With only two points of contact between you and the road, it is imperative you keep your motorcycle looked after.

We service and repair most makes and models of motorcycles or scooters. Some of the manufacturers we regularly deal with include:

  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • BMW
  • Aprilia
  • Triumph
  • KTM

Motorcycle Service and Repairs Prices


The tyres are a very important part of the motorcycle – aside from the safety aspect, tyres will make or break a good ride.

By travelling steadily along the same stretch of road, your tyres will naturally ‘flat off’, and slowly the bike will become unstable in one corner. This may even reduce your own confidence in your riding ability, as it generally happens without the rider being aware it is occurring.

At Pantech Auto, we fit all makes of tyres – to fit both your bike and your budget. Our service includes include:

  • fitting
  • rim cleaning
  • new valve
  • computer balancing
  • disposal of old tyres

Book your appointment today

You can choose to have your motorcycle’s MOT or service anytime from Monday to Saturday. By sparing just 45 minutes, we can take care of your MOT as swiftly as possible and make sure you are aware of your motorcycle’s current condition.

During your MOT you can relax and have a coffee in our waiting area while we take care of the test. If you have any local errands you need to take care of, you’re welcome to take care of those and return when the test is done.

Should there be anything wrong with your motorcycle, our technicians can offer to repair the issue. This includes anything from tyres to lights and more. As keen riders ourselves, you can rest knowing your motorcycle is in safe hands.

Don’t wait to give our team a call on 01483 303999 and arrange an appointment today for your motorcycle’s latest MOT.