Exhaust Fitting in Guildford

If you have been experiencing strange noises or rattling coming from your exhaust pipe, then it may be time to get your exhaust checked out.

What is a car exhaust?

A car exhaust system ensures the fumes produced by your engine are successfully expelled from your car, regulating the amount of noise and increasing engine performance and fuel efficiency.

If you leave issues with your exhaust unsorted, this can result in reduced fuel efficiency at a higher monetary cost to you, increased engine noise, and an increase in the harmful gases released into the environment.

Exhaust Fitting in Guildford

Exhaust Fitting in Guildford with Pantech Autos

Exhaust systems are complex, using modern engines and catalytic converts that run hotter and for longer periods of time. It is essential for your exhaust system to be working properly in order for it to meet the emissions requirement and to give you the best possible fuel consumption.

The warning signs are if your car is louder than it used to be or if the fuel consumption has suddenly gone up. Our trained technicians will check the condition of your exhaust and catalyst, and fit a new exhaust using high-quality parts if required.

As a best practice to keep your vehicle in check, we recommend having your exhaust system checked at least twice a year for cracks, leaking joints, broken hangers, worn rubber, corrosion and other damages.

Guildford Exhaust Fitting

What are the most common exhaust problems?

Some of the most common exhaust issues include:

  • Broken or faulty oxygen sensor
  • Smoke coming out of the exhaust
  • Leaks or cracks in the exhaust system
  • Rusty or loose parts
  • Blockages, especially with the catalytic converter

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