Electric Car MOT & Servicing

Regular servicing helps to increase the life span of your vehicle and reduce the risk of future breakdowns.

Pantech Auto Technicians in Guildford, Surrey, provides specialised electric vehicle servicing & MOTs alongside our regular vehicle servicing. We endeavour to make your motoring life easy by providing a ‘one-stop shop’ – whether your car is not running smoothly, does not sound right, or has warning lights illuminated, we have the equipment and knowledge in-house to rectify the situation.

Electric Car Servicing

Electric Car Service: What’s Included

An electric vehicle is subject to many of the same tests as a regular vehicle This includes: instruments, windscreen wipers, brakes, the horn, lights, seatbelts, air-conditioning, suspension, tyres, under-bonnet area, and more.

Due to the inner workings of an electric vehicle being less complex than a combustion engine, servicing is much less detailed and takes less time. There are no engine oil and filter checks, for example. Instead, the focus of the service will be on the electric batter since this holds the operation of the car together. If the capacity of the battery has dropped significantly, it will need to be replaced.

The charging cable will also be checked for damage and performance, with a replacement being fitted if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked electric car servicing questions, answered by our experts!

Do electric cars need servicing?

Yes, electric cars need servicing just like a standard petrol or diesel car.

How often does an electric car need a service?

In most cases, electric vehicles can wait two years before their first service. After this, servicing usually continues on a two-yearly basis but this may differ depending on the manufacturer. Check your vehicle handbook for more information.

Can standard garages service electric cars?

An electric car must be serviced at a franchised dealer while within its warranty period. Once this has expired, it will be cheaper to take it to an independent garage for maintenance.

How much does an electric car cost to service?

Electric cars are cheaper to service and maintain than standard petrol or diesel vehicle. This is because, in the latter, servicing engineers must check the fuel cap, coolant levels, fuel pipes, and engine. None of this is needed with an electric car. Additionally, as electric vehicles have few under-bonnet items and moving parts, things are less likely to wear down naturally over time. This means that fewer items will need to be replaced.

What is the lifespan of an electric car?

Generally speaking, an electric vehicle will last between 10 and 20 years. However, some factors may reduce their lifespan. For instance, batteries may degrade faster in hotter climates as heat does not do well with this type of vehicle.

Do electric cars need an MOT?

Just like any other vehicle, electric cars must pass an MOT after they are three years old. The main difference between MOTs for an electric vehicle in comparison to a petrol or diesel car is that there is no emissions or noise test.

What is the most common problem with electric cars?

The most common problem with an electric time is the charging speed and time. You are likely to spend more time charging your electric car than you would be filling your car with fuel.

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