Brake Services in Guildford

If you have concerns about the brakes in your car, it’s vital to get it checked as soon as possible to prevent any accidents or further issues down the line. Pantech Autos offer a variety of brake services in Guildford – ranging from brake advice to repairs and replacements.

Brake Services Guildford

What is a Brake Service?

A brake service is the umbrella term for dealing with everything related to your vehicle’s brakes. A brake inspection will first be carried out, to check all components are working properly and identify any issues. A technician will check the brake pads, rotors, clips, and calipers.

Ensuring the good condition of your brakes is essential for your safety, as brakes naturally wear down over time. By having them regularly checked and serviced by a professional will give you peace of mind.

How do I know when I need a brake service?

The best way to determine when you need a brake service is by checking your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule to see when your next brake inspection should be. However, you should take your car to a garage if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Grinding or squealing with driving/braking
  • Your brake pedal feels spongy
  • Your car is pulling to one side
  • Your brake warning light is illuminated

Brake Services in Guildford with Pantech Autos

The service will include flushing out the old brake fluid and replacing it with new fluid, replacing the brake pads, resurfacing rotors, and cleaning other braking mechanisms. The expert technicians at Pantech Autos have the experience to execute your brake service to the highest industry standards.

To book your brake service with us, please contact our team on 01483 694422. We are here to help, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Where to find us

We are located at Stag Hill, A3, Guildford Bypass (southbound carriageway), between the Hogs Back A31 junction and the Surrey University/Guildford Cathedral junction.

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and personal service to ensure all those that are under our care feel comfortable approaching us with any questions they may have regarding our services. You are welcome to relax in our waiting area and enjoy a complimentary hot drink.