Smart Car Specialists In Guildford

At Pantech Auto Technicians we have serviced all types of vehicles since 1991. As one of the largest Smart Car specialists in Guildford, you can trust in us to provide you with knowledgeable and effective support.

Pantech is a family-run, independent garage. This means that we can provide a personal service that is friendly and affordable. We have always worked hard to ensure we exceed the expectations of our customers and will do all we can to make sure your vehicle is safe for the road.

During the wintertime it is especially important for you to make sure your vehicle is in top condition. This is not only important for the safety of those inside the vehicle, but also the public.

We can make sure wheels are correctly aligned, brakes are in peak form and much more. You can also enquire about our MOT services and invest in our technicians to provide your vehicle with its latest.

As a member of the RMI (Retail Motor Industry), you can trust in us to provide you with the ultimate service as a dedicated garage in Guildford.

You can take a look through and enquire through our website or contact us on 01483 303999 to discuss booking our services with a member of our team.