Cambelt Specialists In Surrey

We’ve been one of the most reliable garages in Surrey for many years now, having been located in Guildford since 1991. We offer a comprehensive range of services for all makes of cars and are well known as cambelt specialists in Surrey. Here at Pantech Auto Technicians, we are made up of the most qualified and skilled technicians in Surrey and Hampshire. When you require any kind of service or repairs, we are your number one contact in the area.

The typical modern car is fitted with a cam belt, but there are some cars which have cam chains, which don’t require as much attention or replacements. Cam belts usually require inspection after they reach 80,000 miles, so if your car has achieved this number of miles then we highly recommend coming in to see us. We’ll be able to assess your cambelt’s condition and give you the instructions required.

We’re widely known as the cam belt specialists in Surrey, simply because our technicians are highly qualified and experienced within the process of replacing cambelts.

Cambelts are integral to the operation of your vehicle, so we are always very careful when working with them and deciding whether they need replacing. If they break, then it is catastrophic to your vehicle.

We are located on the Southbound side of the A3 in Guildford; so when you’re passing by next, drop in and see us.

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